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We are enthusiasts, innovators, disruptors, field specialists, and businessmen who do not make compromises when it comes to packaging.

BPK Group

The BPK® industrial group has 9 production plants across Europe and North Africa. BPK® holding is the vertical integration of companies already at the top in terms of excellence in all strategic phases of the packaging chain.


BPK® is a ONE-STOP-SHOP and partner of reference for the development of solutions, range of innovative and sustainable
products in the global packaging market.
We help Brands to develop functional, communicative and memorable packaging


BPK® developes solutions, products and technologies for a sustainable and responsible packaging, innovating in the structure and design products with high added value and low environmental impact that contribute to improve the quality of the environment, to support the circular economy and to improve the experience of buying and using the consumer becoming references in the global packaging industry.


BPK® has absolute intrinsic values which include: Team, Quality, Service, Efficiency, Innovation and Sustainability. All essential themes for an organization projected into the future. We added one that we called Reciprocity. We believe that even before receiving it is necessary to give and in this sense our work is oriented first to study, innovate, make available and share knowledge and development but also redistribute the results of our activities in various forms through supports and initiatives on local and global scale that can help make the world a better place to spend our time.


BPK® is positioned as the first and only ONE-STOP-SHOP in the packaging market, distinguishing itself for its product range and its propensity for innovation. BPK® is divided into 6 product divisions: Flexible, Rigids, Thermoformed, Label – IML, Bags and Premedia Services which, under the coordination of the BIC (BPK® Innovation Center), develop and implement future products and technologies. BPK®’s customers are companies that use packaging in their packaging processes (Food, Home and Personal Care, Hygiene, Industrial, Pharma and Retail). They are attentive to quality, service and above all product innovation, technological applications, sustainability and the benefits offered by a single player for more supply chain products.

We are all about preserving foods to feed those who urgently need it, to reduce food waste and plastics to protect the environment or connect products with consumers to guarantee safety and traceability on a global scale, we will stay on the front line in testing, innovating and providing the best packaging solutions. Pushing ourselves to the very limits of technology, of the imagination and of the creativity.

Maurizio Geremia


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