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What do brands need, every day? Personalized, made-to-measure packaging, with strong appeal, capable of communicating effectively and incisively, to sell the product. Brands also need high -tech solutions and logistics- fast. In leading markets and for world famous brands, from design right through to the finished product, BPK® provides responses capable of making a brand even stronger. The professionalism of BPK®’s staff, its in-depth knowledge of materials and its special, innovative processes are all translated into an extraordinary competitive edge.

ONE-STOP-SHOP to simplify all processes from design to the finished product

Our industrial group meets the needs of the entire production chain and offers the advantage of being one single, unique player. We provide support to companies in all phases, from conception, product realization and branding. Our know-how and integrated production processes make for fast, smart solutions.


In the development of the global economy, packaging plays an increasingly important role and once the obligations of protection and conservation have been fulfilled, it must also include the correct communication of the product and the environmental impact it will cause.

ONE-STOP-SHOP to simplify all processes from design to the finished product

The main purpose of BPK® is to get the packaging to fulfill these commitments and to innovate all its features by offering solutions and range of products that improve the functionality and the correct transmission of information from the packaging to the consumer, also improving the shopping experience. Only by developing and improving the performance of sustainable, responsible and communicative packaging will we succeed in positively.

R & D


Study and development of compostable, biodegradable, recyclable materials and reusable packaging with primary reduction of plastics. Research into biodegradable and compostable solutions and materials through the use of nanocomposites. Special application studies reselable, recloseable, microwaveable, permeability and barrier. Design development to facilitate and improve the performance of packaging and consumer use.


Internet of Packaging – development of Smart Packaging applications on cloud platforms based on Blockchain technology for the connection of packaging with the consumer to provide traceability, supply chain certification, anti-counterfeiting, engagement, marketing and analytics.

Unique Selling Proposition

BPK® is a Brand that works with Brands, big and small and each with its need to attract the attention and the intention of the consumer on their product through the packaging to gain market share, position or simply to appreciate its product locally.

We help Brands to study and offer their products to consumers with better communication and information on packaging both visually, to win the 3-seconds battle, and technologically offering sustainable solutions for the environment but also innovative, functional design and “connected anywhere”.

ONE-STOP-SHOP to simplify all processes from design to the finished product

BPK® is a Brand that offers a unique benefit: reducing the supply chain and grouping together more “valuable” under the same roof (ONE-STOP-SHOP), managing with greater efficiency the communications and management of orders with significant savings. The benefit of a single interlocutor with a range of products, innovative production technologies and a single multidisciplinary research center that every day studies and experiments the new products that we will use tomorrow (but also those that we will never use).

We produce packaging for the consumption of all products through the 24h of the day, from breakfast to lunch, rom snacks and tea for afternoon to dinner but also for personal care and for children.

ONE-STOP-SHOP for the entire packaging


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