Packaging: 39% of Italians choose it green

According to a survey conducted by Nomisma, on the occasion of the Bologna Award 2017 launch, promoted by CAAB (Centro Agroalimentare with Fico Foundation), more and more people think of the word "sustainability" when they talk about food: environmental protection …
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Are you still hungry? Taste the packaging

Have you ever thought about eating your favorite snack without discarding it from its wrapper? Soon it will be possible. The consumption of organic products has increased considerably in Italy in recent years. Consumers have become increasingly sensitive to environmental …
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Here’s what drives customers to buy

If you are an entrepreneur, you almost certainly wondered what drives customers to buy one product rather than another. Unfortunately, the choice is based on an extremely subjective aspect. In fact, over 75% of our purchasing decisions depend on an …
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A packaging to touch

Did you know that consumers are more likely to buy products that have similar shapes to the objects they hold while they are shopping? We are talking about smartphones, wallets but also mouse and keyboard in the case of online …
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Dimensions matter: that’s why.

Increasingly, the packaging of a product can influence the consumer and make a difference during the purchase phase. Even more so if we talk about "user experience" and find ourselves in the luxury sector. The consumers of this sector are …
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The 3 golden rules of packaging

Have you ever tried to open a simple bag of chips and find yourself with the exploded product all over the floor? Or that drinking a fruit juice, the straw disappears like magic inside the brick? Despite the hassle these …
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