Dimensions matter: that’s why.

Increasingly, the packaging of a product can influence the consumer and make a difference during the purchase phase. Even more so if we talk about “user experience” and find ourselves in the luxury sector.

The consumers of this sector are real pioneers of the trends and this fascinates and considerably facilitates the work of those involved in packaging.

There are three factors that operators must take into account:

  • introduction of elements of innovation in the luxury sector
  • globalization of the product packaging design
  • particular attention to formats suitable for travel

Today the consumer leads a lifestyle that prefers practicality, and therefore packs must adapt to meet this need. The result is a packaging with a simple opening, quick to use but especially small.

Where does this trend come from?

Initially it was born from the need to not give up your favorite personal care products even while traveling.

So far, only a few brands have intercepted this need for consumers to have packages that fit the size of a carry-on baggage, but above all the strict rules of airport control.

Small size, practicality of use and packaging that fits the hand: these are the wishes of consumers.

Take for example the brands of the beauty sector

Some famous brands of body care products have shown how the shape of the package has an incredible power not only in transmitting the values of practicality of use, but also in indicating the high quality of the product itself.

For example, these companies have designed bottles of every shape and size to represent the sensual forms of the female body, almost going to personify the client himself. It is a strategy that the brands of this sector exploit to enhance the true beauty that has multiple forms. So we have the tall and slender bottle, the hourglass-shaped bottle, the one with generous sides.

In this way, every woman is given the chance to feel so beautiful that she can use a bottle every day in her own image and likeness. Once again, packaging at the customer’s service.

The real challenge is for the producers of raw materials, because keeping up with the needs of the consumer in a sector as demanding as that of the luxury beaty is really difficult.

So manufacturers must combine flexibility of use with aesthetic beauty and practicality in a sector such as the packaging of luxury goods that will reach volumes exceeding 17 billion dollars, with an annual increase of 4.4%, up to 19% by 2019.

Who are the luxurious?

The global luxury packaging market is 90% covered by 3 types of customers:

  1. Absolute Luxurer: refined and elegant
  2. Megacitier: Millenials residing in large urban and fashionable centers
  3. Social Wearer: interested in social and environmental sustainability

So we add a new adjective to the characteristics of a luxury packaging: sustainable.

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