Packaging: 39% of Italians choose it green

According to a survey conducted by Nomisma, on the occasion of the Bologna Award 2017 launch, promoted by CAAB (Centro Agroalimentare with Fico Foundation), more and more people think of the word “sustainability” when they talk about food:

  • environmental protection (39%);
  • health protection (23%);
  • biodiversity (15%);
  • traditional food (8%);
  • economy (5%).

The word “sustainable” now seems to have entered into the common use of Italians. In fact on the subject:

  • 25% say they are very good;
  • 57% said they were not well informed about the subject;
  • 18% say they ignore their meaning.

Concern for sustainability

Among the Italians’ concerns, widespread are the fears of the environment and the healthiness of food, which are added only to the preoccupation with work and unemployment. Indeed, environmental concerns precede those for:

  • terrorism;
  • immigration;
  • political uncertainty.

More than half of Italians have reduced or eliminated food waste by paying more attention to the expiration date and returning the leftovers to the kitchen.

What characterizes a “sustainable” food?

The answers to this question are fragmented:

  • sustainability of organic production (18%);
  • food purchased directly from the producer (18%);
  • packaging, recyclable or biodegradable (15%);
  • protection of workers’ rights during production (10%);
  • food produced with a low impact of water (7%).

“Virtuous” purchases

Only 32% of Italians say they prefer the lowest price when buying food.

78% declare to choose according to the quality / price ratio.

For 28% the organic brand is the key factor in the choices. 55% buy above all food that knows not to waste.

Before making the purchase, the eye falls on Italian origin (41%) and quality of the raw material (39%). 14% are influenced by the caloric impact and 6% by the characteristics of the production process.

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