Interactive and musical: what should be expected from the new packaging

The packaging sector is constantly evolving.

The packaging sector is constantly evolving. This leads him to be one of the sectors that more than others aims at:

  • new materials
  • low energy consumption technologies
  • solutions that improve food storage
  • trends able to capture the attention of an increasingly demanding and technological consumer

The functions of the packaging are numerous. In addition to preserving and preserving the product until it is consumed, it must communicate a certain appeal: the packaging must convey the message of the brand and involve consumers. What are the new packaging trends?

According to experts, the packaging is making its own different innovative concepts, such as:

  • audio packaging: with musical interactivity
  • use of augmented reality: to involve the consumer through smartphones and apps
  • artistic creativity: especially if associated with messages with a strong impact

Packaging, in addition to having style and being innovative, must reduce food waste by extending the life of products.

To this end, intelligent and interactive packaging was introduced. You read well! These are packagings equipped with sensors and electronic devices that can monitor the freshness of the food, verify the conditions of storage and inform the consumer directly. For example, there are packs that react to temperature changes by changing color. The packaging ethical card is born Packaging is experiencing a phase of full maturity, with a tendency to be ever more ethical and innovative. For this reason, the “Ethical Packaging Card” was established, sponsored by the Istituto Italiano dell’Imballaggio. It is a document containing the principles to be shared for a more informed packaging. The objective is to unite the obligations and rights that link the moment of production with that of use and consumption. Responsible, sustainable, forward-looking, informative and safe packaging contributes to increased sales. It is definitely an extra weapon to make your product on the shelf preferred to that of the competition.

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