Packaging that speaks to you, tells you, captures you

How many times did you choose an article rather than another simply because it had a more captivating packaging? Studies on the subject tell us that the choice of a product arises in our mind even before setting foot in a supermarket. Smells, colors and touch are fundamental elements for choosing a product, as is the mood we have at that moment.

It is also true that since we were young they have taught us that form but substance is not important. But today why is this not true anymore?

Because we live in an era where consumers’ buying choices are less rational and more emotional. In a consumer society like ours it is important to offer the consumer what is already present in some hidden corner of his thoughts.

Creating a versatile, sustainable, reusable and functional packaging with attractive shapes and colors are key elements for the communication that the product intends to convey to the consumer.

We are involved in the emotionality that a brand raises up to lead the consumer to purchase.

What is behind this whole process?

A beautiful package captures the attention of consumers and often does so unconsciously. He enters the customer’s mind with arrogance and without his noticing he accompanies it to the cash desk and lets himself be bought.

The particular and colorful shapes have a hypnotic power on the consumer. Even brands are particularly attentive to the choice of the color of their packs to try to position themselves at a higher level than their competitors.

This is mainly done in food and beverage. In this sector, packaging also assumes the function of informing the consumer of that particular product.

Telling their customers how a particular product is created, the raw materials used, the cultivation methods and the energy used can be fundamental for today’s consumers, who are increasingly attentive to environmental sustainability, but above all to what they eat.

Rules of perfect packaging

From some studies it has been learned that to choose a product the consumer takes about two seconds. From this very short period of time we can determine the success or otherwise of a brand.

Anticipating the trends of those who buy is the winning move for companies. In fact, the perfect packaging, which conquers you at the first stroke, exists and is characterized by 3 elements:

  • simplicity: it must take up little space and be easy to use
  • sustainability: maintaining the organoleptic properties of food
  • personalization: the consumer is always enthusiastic about a product tailored to him.

Therefore, the emotional factor should not be underestimated. It is important to stir up memories and pleasant moments in consumer life. In addition to being a question of marketing, it becomes a question of identity of the subject that can remain tied to the purchase of that product and that brand even for a lifetime.

Each of us, based on his own culture and the society in which he lives, feels attracted in a different way from another person by what we find every day on the shelves of supermarkets.

The arduous task of companies is to satisfy and anticipate the purchasing needs of all the different types of consumers.

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